Mowgli by Elaine / Elaine [Mum], Lily, Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Claire, & Adam

Dearest Beloved Mowgli,

I didn’t want you to go
And I didn’t want you to suffer
I had to let you go – for you –
and not for me
It was hard for me to make that decision
But I know that you’re now at Rainbow Bridge
As I told you before you went –
You’ll be free of all physical ailments
You’ll be able to run around –
Travel at the speed of light –
Visit anybody by the power of thought
Your visits will be welcomed with open arms
I will love you forever
Thanks for sharing your life with me –
It has been the best part of my life
I will miss you very much
But I also know that your passing is
a temporary separation
I will join you when my time is up –
And I will look forward to that day
when I will meet you –
And we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together
I will always love you, my beloved Mowgli.


I'll see you soon, Lots of Love,
12, Nov 2007