Mozart by Alfred & Jacqueline Ricca / Mama, Papa & Getchie

Our Beautiful Mozart,

We will miss you more than any words can say. You always had such a presence in our lives, always concerned for us before yourself with your sensitive perception and personality. You were the “Baby” of the family yet at times like “A Little Old Man” right from the start.

I always wanted a Boxer, so when Papa surprised we with the news that we were picking up an 8 week old Boxer puppy, I was speechless. The first time I saw you, my heart just melted. You pranced around as if you were in a show ring. When we first brought you home, Hans & Gretchen, were a bit unsure of this “new addition” to their pack, but in a short amount of time accepted you and took you under their wing and we all just fell in love. I was worried at first that you would get hurt and that maybe “three” was just too much. You were so tiny, with your gleaming white little paws. We will miss all of your cute ways, your ability to make us smile. You read my every mood and knew me like a book, and knew just what to do to make me happy, make us all happy. My sweet Monkey, I will miss your wiggly greetings, the touch of your paw on my shoulder, your admirable stare, the warmth of your little body when we would take nappies together on your geen bankie.

Your icky bicky face, your tuna fish breath, the list goes on and on. All the joy you brought to our lives has made us who we are and will always be a part of us deep within our hearts. Now, here we are, nine years from the time we first set eyes on you, and you are gone.

First Hans, now you??? How could this be true? At least you are at peace and did not suffer long. We hope you are now with your beautiful brother, Hans, and that you will both take care of each other until we meet again. You amaze us, Monka, because down to the end, you put us first, by passing on your own terms rather than having Mama & Papa make the decision to relieve you of your suffering. You chose to leave us on your bankie, embraced by us,
with love around you.

We will miss you our sweet baby. You will remain in our hearts every single day, no matter
where we are or what we do.


With All Our Love Forever,
13, July 2005
Alfred & Jacqueline Ricca