Mr. Needles by Shannon Adkins / Mama

I got Mr. Needles because he and his litter mates were going to the pound. He was delivered to me and was so tiny and cute…full of life. He was so little that when he’d meow you couldn’t hear anything…we used to laugh at his silent meow’s. He grew big and strong and beautiful. He had the best hair and eyes, shiny and bright. He thought he was a dog…he loved his dogs.

I lost all my pets this year…my young dog, my older dog of 11 years, and now you Pawpi. This is so hard. I miss you so much, I still look for you. I still wake up and go to call for you when I feel you’re not on the bed. I had to pack up your things. It’s my fault. I was careless with the door, and you sneaked out. I called and called for you that night, but thought you’d be ok. Predators were my major concern…not the road. When I woke up in the morning and you still weren’t around I felt something was wrong. I called and swear I heard you meow like you always do …I couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from cause it seemed so faint. I walked around the side of the house to check the tree…there you were in the middle of the road. You were already dead. It looked like you went immediately and hopefully didn’t suffer.

I’m so sorry that I called you and didn’t stand by the road to make sure you weren’t out there. I miss you so much…I love you forever Mr. Needles. You were so special to me. How you loved only me, how you would correct the dogs when they did something naughty, how you would greet me at the door, how you would wake me up in the morning, how you would push your tiny face into mine for kisses. I love you so much….the tears will not stop.


You'll be in my heart always,
Mr. Needles
Shannon Adkins