Mr. P by Maryellen & Jim / Your Mom

The night Garry found you after a storm
You liked our house; it was safe and warm
Your fur was beautiful – all black and white
We fell in love with you – first sight.

Ever so quietly you worked into my heart
I should have known right from the start
Just purrs and rubs were your only tools
But your instinctive wisdom made us fools.

Life with you was full and fun
You shed your fur on everyone
Just like your fur you shed your love
You were a gift from up above.

Your gifts to each of us went deep
And why your loss for which we weep
You opened our hearts to the love of cats
You opened our home like a welcome mat.

Sandy, Q-T, and Precious owe you a lot
Because of you, we made them a spot
Four people, four cats, our life seemed full
You knew our heartstrings you could pull.

The times you climbed into my bed
The times you came and rubbed my head
The spots you laid were warm as toast
These are the things I miss the most.

Thirteen years – they went so fast
I wish I could go back into the past
Just to rub you one more time
Just to tell – you are mine.

Like days gone by – playing in boxes or a bag
Remembering you and Greg once playing tag
Or the time you had a toilet bath
And I heard and came running so very fast.

You loved to help me change the bed
I’d throw the covers over your head
You’d run and slide and roll around
We’d play this game without a sound.

Bringing a greeney to my feet
And always knowing your special treat
Leftovers were always meant for you
Your love of food was always true.

You’d sit and watch sports on TV
I’d cheer; you’d wag your tail for me
John LeClair was your favorite Flyer
For him your tail went even higher.

Trips in the car to the Poconos
In between Dad and me was the seat you chose
You loved watching the squirrels and deer
These are the memories I hold most near.

Precious is still waiting for you to come home
She can’t believe she’s been left alone
She lays and waits for you to see
And I pet her and keep her next to me.

Memories we had, will never go away
And knowing we will meet again someday
These are the things we hang on to
Until the time we’ll be again with you.

When I told you goodbye, I promised you then
That we would surely meet again
I feel you in the wind and sun
Your spirit’s free and having fun.

Please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge
Until you see me coming over the ridge
You’ll run to greet me, I am sure
And we’ll be together forever more.

Love never ends, so I believe
The silver thread that binds us will never leave
So please be happy until that day
When you and I again can play.


Mr. P
14, Sep 2003
Maryellen & Jim