Mr Precious by Thurston / Your Best Friend

Mr Precious,

As tears flow because I only had you for 3 years, I’m lost without you. I could actually watch your mouth move when I would go outside after letting you out. You would look at me mouth moving, nothing came out. I know you were telling me you didn’t want to come in the house yet. I was with you from the minute you were born, till your last seconds on Earth Petting you, letting you know I stood with you till God took you. I will never know what happened to you. I kept you at the hospital for 3 days in intensive care. I saw you not eating and breathing right, so I tried so hard to make you well. It didn’t work. I hope you will be with me someday because I miss you so much.

I have pictures all over the house of the good moments and your best picture will be here. I miss you, Buddy. You are always in my heart and I buried you where you belong to be, right near where you spent your life. I will take care of your mother (mommy cat) who moved 3 doors down two years ago when I was gone. She will have to come back soon as the owners are moving and don’t want her. I will take good care of her. That’s what you would have wanted me to do. I hope God lets you remember me.


My best buddy Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN,
Mr Precious
27, Sep 2007