Mr. Silk by Opal, Bianca Wofford & Mari Santana / Your Two Mommies, Opal & Mari & Bianca

Never was there a more special guy than my Mr. Silk. He came into my life quietly, unexpectedly and lovingly and he left the very same way. We thought we were rescuing him and in fact he had rescued us. Silk was they type of guy that whenever anyone saw him they told us how beautiful he was. He bought so much happiness and love into our lives.

In August 2008 our boy was diagnosed with Cancer. Never had I felt such pain and agony. He underwent surgery for removal of his spleen, a kidney and a portion of his liver. Had three rounds of chemotherapy before we stopped it. Deciding that it was too much for him. He rebounded and was his old self again for the next nine months before his health took a turn. He wasn’t as spry. He moved slowly if at all and there were days he would just sleep.

On May 13, 2009, he drug his body into our room, woke us up at 4:30 a.m., and allowed us to say our goodbyes. We laid on the floor with him, begging him not to give up but telling him it was ok if he needed to go. At 6:02 a.m., he lifted his head and looked at me twice before taking his last breath. I am forever changed by having his love and companionship for ten beautiful years.
I love you Silk.


Until I Draw My Last Breath, I Love You.
Mr. Silk
Opal, Bianca Wofford & Mari Santana