Mr. Taz’ by The Page Family

Heavens Noble Angel”
We love you true with your eyes of blue
And your coat so silvery white;
I know that God must love you too
You make a home so bright.
Bright with a joy and an unconditional love
For you are the one that I dream of
When I lay down at night.
I know that you will earn your wings
For loving kind and caring things;
Your loyalty and nobleness be blessed.
I cannot help but to feel so sad
Because I miss you so very bad
I’m sorry Lord that I am such a mess.
I know that you are very much loved
In the place that we can only dream of
And I know you sparkle so in the heavenly light.
Thank you Lord for the time we shared
I know that you will always care;
For our Mr. Taz’ will keep your pillow warm at night.

The Page Family


Mr. Taz'
1, May 2000
The Page Family