Ms. Cinnamon Kitty by Kirk / Kirk

This morning Ms. Cinnamon Kitty (7/4/1989-12/18/2006) went to sit on her Daddy’s lap and left us to visit the big kitty playground in the sky. She traveled peacefully and is no longer suffering.

Cinna suffered old age (17 ½-years) and had developed sudden acute renal failure late last week, her kidneys shut down Saturday and I just couldn’t bring myself to put her down at that time.  She also suffered from arrhythmia and had developed several bad teeth that needed to be pulled.  We followed our usual Sunday routine and extra time spent with her yesterday at home in front of the fireplace reading with her resting on my lap or in her kitty bed, not at all playful.  She really didn’t eat or drink so I knew it was time.  She did, however, give me one last big fur ball to remember her by.  That’s our little girl…

I can’t seem to stop crying…I didn’t think it would be this hard.  Cinna was given to Robert and me by a dear friend and she kept him company in his closing days so there is a real emotional attachment to her.  I know it sounds silly but by losing Cinna, it’s a little bit more of him I’ve lost and it’s breaking my hart as through her I was able to keep
a bit of him close to me.


I shall always love & cherish your memory!
Ms. Cinnamon Kitty