Muffin by Bernadette


" Muffin "



He was always a companion to me.

And a loving friend he will always be.

The wonderful memories we shared together

will live in my heart forever.

His never-ending love I will always treasure.

His courage and wisdom cannot be measured.

If I was in a state of sadness

he would fill my heart with gladness.

Not one day has past ,

that I haven't made the memories last.

You were taken from me so suddenly

and it was so very ugly.

I keep replaying that day in my head,

wishing I could have saved you instead.

I cry for you everyday

please make the pain go away.

I wish we didn't have to part

I feel a terrible pain in my heart.

There is not one day that goes by ,

that I don't think of you up in the sky.

It's been almost three years now

and I still think you are here somehow.

Please know that you are thought of and very much loved

while you fly in the blue sky above.

I know you are watching over me

trying to set my sorrow free.

We will be together again someday

and until that day I will pray.

I have this wonderful plan,

and I can't wait to see you again my little Muffin Man.