Muffin by Nikki Clark / Mommy

Muffin came into my life when she was 8wks old. She was so full of life and loved to play. About a year before she died we found out some terrible news: she had diabetes and would need insulin shots for the rest of her life. To make it worse she started having seizures and also lost her sight. Her health deteriorated, it seems, so fast. She went from a loving, cuddly girl to a very sick little girl who seemed to struggle to get through the days.

The decision was made to let her go…she was suffering. I stayed with her while our very loving vet put her to rest. With her last breathe I kissed her on her head and told her goodbye. I miss her so much…she was with me when I graduated high school, she walked down the aisle with me when I married, looked over my new born son and stayed by my side when my husband died. She was my rock….I miss her dearly.


I love you my, little sweat pea.
Nikki Clark