Muffy by Lisa



February 9 1996


Daddy's Little Girl


It broke our hearts when you had to go,

But your pain has ended as you well know,

Your bed sat there empty for the longest time,

Another Muffy we will never find,


Those big brown eyes and that cute little face,

Made us all laugh when you ran all over the place,

We loved you so much as I hope you knew,

That we could never ever forget about you,


We use to watch you run and play,

Throwing your Dino every which way,

You touched our lives with so much love,

May the Lord be with you in the heavens above.


You were more than a dog you were "Daddy's Little Girl",

To us you were priceless more precious than a pearl.


Written by: Yvonne Levely

(In memory of Muffy)