Munchie by Chris / LOVE,


This story is for my very special pet. I never thought I could hurt this long or this much over a beloved pet as I do Munchie. He was orphaned and thrown into a ditch at birth to die. I found him and took him in at one day old. I handfed him, and loved him so very much.

My husband hated him though because when Munchie turned three months old he realized that that dog would die for me. My husband was very abusive and sure didn’t want me to have protection. So he was gonna kill Munchie if he wasn’t gone by the time he got home from work. Munchie was gone that day so was my son and
my self among our other pets.

My love for Munchie gave me the strength to leave, he took the fear long enough for me to go that day. We had it hard and had a hard time starting our lives over but after almost a year we found our home. We ended up as far north as we could go in Vermont.

After all the moving and the pain and struggling we found home. For four months Munchie was able to be himself. He ran in the country and made me follow him up the road in the jeep while he ran in front of me. That was Munchie’s fun way of going for a walk. He was the life in our house. He was the noise and the laughter.

One day he came in from being outside. He was just 1 year and four months old. He just collapsed and died on us. My family was devastated. Our home was silent and had no life for along time in it. It was six months ago today that Munchie passed. We are still getting use to him not here physically but we do know he is and will always be with us. It started out as I saved his life but that big black dog with the white tipped tail saved my whole families life and help us find peace joy happiness and freedom. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM..