Munchkin FerretWise

One more time she rides the Freedom Train…….

“Munchkin” as she would later be lovingly called arrived at

Ferret Wise on January 18 1995.

The phone rang early that morning and I recognized the voice of the

Fish & Wildlife contact “can you pick up a ferret we are holding?

she was turned in yesterday after being found in the morning on

the steps of a hardware store in Leominster MA” he said.

She’s a wild one but I hate to think of the other option this is

a pretty little ferret.”

We agreed to transport that morning and both shelter Dad & Mom

hopped into the van for a trip and relay in Orange MA.

To see what this abandoned ferret was… we will never forget her.

(A critical and important part of the early and formative shelter years,

at Ferret Wise were as a licensed rescue transport from the state of

Massachusetts. Ferrets were not legal in Massachusetts when

Ferret Wise rescue began prior to its incorporated days.

From early 1994 to March of 1995 when legalization took effect in the

state of Massachusetts Ferret Wise transported cared for and

placed more than 150 ferrets. All were refugees illegal aliens of the

state of Massachusetts.

This would not have been accomplished if Ferret Wise did not

qualify for an Export / Transport license issued through the MA ,

Fish & Wildlife Headquarters in both 1994 and 1995.

During these years Ferret Wise won the trust and respect of both the

Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife and the MA Environmental Police.

We are proud to say we saved some precious ferret lives in our early days.)

The tiny jill was in a wire cage and was hopping mad — she had water,

food was strewn around– she obviously was not pleased with recent

accommodations! She was shuffled into the carrier we brought and we

started to load it in the van. I wanted to reassure this tiny gal all

would be okay…. she let me no on no uncertain terms she was unhappy.

Foolishly 20 minutes into the trip I tried again– twice she won twice

I was reprimanded! Oh well.

Once at the shelter we let her out of the carrier into unconfined space,

a teeny little silver rocket ship — she tore around like no one’s

business. The ferret had ridden a freedom train straight to Ferret Wise

and she danced up a storm for hours.

Munchkin she would shortly after be named was an unaltered silver mitt jill.

She had a beautiful white bib and ruby eyes that danced with fire.

A fire that alpha females know well.

She was the ruler not to be ruled! She was also in “heat” and hormones

made her even more unsteady in the temperament department.

“Munchkin’s” estimated date of birth was 2/94 making her about

11 months of age. Munchkin was spayed on January 24th and

recovered in short order.

All her blood tests showed she was healthy. Her temperament would take

a bit of modifying — she was evidently upset from the chaos and

abandonment experienced in her young life to date.

Munchkin never cared for other ferrets she was an ONLY child.

Because of this she was passed by time and time again– even after her

personality was redeeming. Finally a young Vermont couple adopted her

after several visits in September of 95. They agreed only one

ferret was for their home! We would get note and letters from them

telling us how she was the light of their lives.

The phone rang again in September of 1997 the couple had relocated to

Massachusetts and recently had a baby. There was no more time for

Munchkin. She arrived back at Ferret Wise on October 13 1997.

A mere shadow of the ferret we had known. In her cage which she left in she

was eating plums apples and bananas.

The ferret who left robust and healthy on Totally Ferret food

was emaciated and thin. Her coat was white– her ruby eyes were

minus the spirit we had previously known. Munchkin it was plain

to see was at her last home — she needed lots of love and care.

Immediately it was determined she was to be started on a nutritional

support soup. Within two months the white ferret began to turn silver again.

This was great news but there was some bad too Munchkin had

impaired liver & kidney function. Who knows the cause — perhaps diet,

perhaps lack of food or water during her absence perhaps the last

vaccinations she had before arriving in a malnourished state — but the

truth was to be dealt with. We added more supplements to her diet and

the vet and shelter folks were amazed. In June of ’98 Munchkin still on

her soup supplement traveled to NY and was entered in a silver specialty

ring– she took 3rd place!

The condition of her kidney disease caused ups and downs… we

were afraid we would lose her prior to Christmas ’98 about the

same time we lost mascot Ewok. We were guided through sub-q fluid

flushings by Dr. Karen and once again “Munchkin” triumphed.

Her appetite resumed. Then finally at the end of February she was

slowing down– she would take only small amounts of soup and

her urine was exited via the pores on her skin causing some scalding.

We knew her end was nearing. Still she ran to the door at the shelter she

asked to be picked up– she was a loving gal.

On March 9 199 Munchkin took her last ride on the Ferret

Freedom train both shelter Mom & Dad saw her off.

She is not in pain and she we are sure is dancing among the green fields

where the rainbow meets the bridge. She shares the fine company of many

ferrets who left before. We prefer to think of Munchkin in her early days–

when she was the spirited boss at the shelter– backing even the big

mascot Ewok into a corner!

Dance and play our little Munchkin no more will you be lost or forgotten…

there is always time for you in our hearts you live on.

Your shelter mom Alicia and

your many ferret friends at Ferret Wise


Munchkin FerretWise