Mungojerrie by Lauren Yankovich / Mommy

Angel Wings And other Things

Now you have your angel wings,
And toys and milk and other things,
We miss you so very very much,
Your paws and your eyes and your wet nose’s touch,
And all the love you would bring in our lives.

You were the most precious thing in our heart,
And I always thought we would never part,
But I was wrong and that I hate,
And now you’re at that big white, pearly gate
Of all cats you deserve your wings,
And now you can listen as the angel sings,
Fly around the white puffy clouds,
And no need to worry about an angry man’s shouts.

God is with you now, and he will keep you safe,
You are in his arms and he will never let you go,
And neither will I, for you will always be in my heart,
My Love, My Companion, My Wonderful Mungojerrie,
Forever in my heart you will be.

–Written by Brittany Yankovich, Sister (Age 12)


With Love,
27, July 2002
Lauren Yankovich