Murphy B Vandiver by Larry,Sheri & family / Mommy & Dadoo Kevie and Mase

You were so small at birth we were not sure you would make it. We bottled fed you and loved every minute of it. You brought so much life into this house and happiness to all of us. We will miss you more than you ever know. You always made us smile with your clown like playfulness and persistence for a treat.

I wish all the times you wanted to go I had loaded you up and taken you with me. The love that your boys felt for you can never be replaced. We think of you everyday and feel a void that only time and happy memroies can heal. Thank you for allowing us to have you the nine short years you were with us. I am so glad we do not have to see you hurt anymore.

I know you are with God and waiting on the rest of us.You were one in a million never to be replaced by anyone. We love you girl.


Beloved & Beraggled Friend
Murphy B Vandiver
21, June 2003
Larry,Sheri & family