Murphy by Heather



" Murphy "

Feb. 7 1990 ---- March 18 1999

Golden Retriever



In your eyes we saw the pain

we tried to help,

unfortunately in the wrong way

Your now beyond heaven's gates

where all pets go,

it's a wonderful place.


No more greetings at the door

just visions of your

barking roar.

Your no longer here for us to see,

but your here as visions

that use to be.


We loved you dearly while you were here,

now that your gone

we love you even more.

no more treats to be given,

all we can give to you is our love.


You were my companion,

my best friend.

But when you left my world,

my heart was crushed.


No matter what "Murphy"

you will always be my best bud.


Like they say "as for nothing loved is

ever lost."


I love you and miss you very much

Wish you were here.


Love always,

your bud,