My best pal,

The kindest, bravest, cleverest animal I will ever know. I bought him as a 21st b/day present for my partner and he was definitely ‘his’ dog but Murph was always extra protective when I was on my own. Health wise he was fine (except for teething epilepsy) until he was 5. Then it was discovered he had both pancreatic disfunction and hip displasia. He never gave up though the vet said ‘don’t expect him to make 7 years old’; yeah right try
telling the old sod that!

He was very naughty at times two christmas’s nearly ruined because he chewed and ate most of the presents and we had to fit child locks on the cupboards. He once ate a whole roe deer carcass (stole it off the meat hook) with no ill effects. He took to new pups coming into home with good grace and even taught Midge and Kiffa how to steal coffee from mugs (they have never forgotten your wise teachings Murph!!)

In September 2005 my partner had to work away and Murph deteriorated. One day he stole all the other dogs bones and made himself impacted. The last morning I found him on the bathroom floor looking at me for help. I took him to the vets expecting him to get the usual ‘what you been up to now old boy’ and his injecion of muscle relaxant. The vet just stared at me and said very quietly ‘He’s had enough’ And explained he had a bowel rupture. I had to put him down on my own something. I will never forgive myself for, your Dad should have been with you.

I took your body to your ‘nannies’ and your Dad came down from the North. Your ‘grandad’ had laid you out beautiful for your Dad to say goodbye. Thats the only time in 15 years I have ever seen him cry Murph. Next morning we buried you next to Laird and poured coffee in the grave along with a few snacks and a stick to chase for your journey. Told you to “go and lie down” and covered you up with soil. Next day I had to come home and Dad had to go back North to work. Leaving you in the ground was the hardest thing
I have ever done.

None of the other dogs would lie in your chair for months.

It’s been two years now. We have eight dogs one of which is a GSD bitch who we think you’d like (not got half your wiliness though!) I love them all but you Murphy were the special one who me & your Dad grew together with. You made us angry, sad, cry but most of all laugh and thank the gods we had the priveligde of your presence.

I would give everything to let you destroy one last christmas present stack just to see you swagger through the door.

I wear your pic in my locket along with a lock of your fur. You will never be forgotten and wherever you are wait for us ole son till we find you again.


Always in our hearts,
19, Oct 2005