MY BUDDY by Jean Ungar / Jean, Bob and Frankie Ungar

When Buddy was 5 months old, he joined our family which included our Benji-Terrier, Barney. It took them some time to get used to living together but they became friends.
Photos of Buddy have appeared in DOG FANCY, the Workman DOG-A-DAY calendar several times.
He was voted Most Lovable Pooch two years in a row at the Chicagoland Pet Show. He was half of “The Blues Brothers” with Frankie – so named because they have blue eyes.
Vacationing in Door County each summer, Budd enjoyed running in and out of Lake Michigan waves never letting them get him wet. Digging huge holes in the sand and barking into the wind made happy memories.

The Jerky Trail and bedside Milk Bone treats were originated by him. He would bug Bob by head-butting the bed in the middle of the night to let him out. He then would lie down in the back of the yard and wait for Bob to toss Jerky pieces to him, making a trail so he would come in. Another routine started the last few years of his life whereby he would come into the bedroom at various times and breathe in my face and bark for a Milk Bone. I started to keep a zip loc bag under my pillow so I was always prepared. He would come back every half hour until I finally got out of bed. As a matter of fact, he was buried at Aarrowood Cemetery with his baggie of treats, his bed, a favorite toy and his red monogrammed blanket.
Budd’s 13th birthday was November 8. He lived a good life, was loved very much, and will be dearly missed. Thirteen years does not seem like a long time….. It never is! Until we meet on Heaven’s shores.


Loved by all who knew him.
Jean Ungar