My Rockie by Sherry Knight / MOMMY

I volunteered with an animal rescue group. I found Rockie at a kill shelter. I took him and 21 other puppies out that day. Someone at this shelter had accidentally let some of the vaccines out and they went bad. Not knowing this they vaccinated 10 puppies. All of the puppies died in my care except for Rockie. I had to feed him baby food for a month.

Finally the day came he began to eat on his own. I was so in love with him at this point that I adopted him myself. He was like an infant, I carried him everywhere in a baby blanket. A year later I was in a motorcycle accident and broke my back. I was in bed for awhile. He never left my side. He took care of me as I did him. I had him for 5 1/2 years and he was diagnosed with liver disease brought on no doubt from the bad vaccine he was given in that shelter.

Whoever made the mistake cannot imagine what it has cost me, I lost the love of my life. WE did everything with Rockie we called him the “GOOD SON” he loved basketball, yes basketball he had one and he went crazy playing with it.

He loved red licorice, he slept on his own pillow beside me every night. If we stayed up too late he would cry for us to go to bed. He loved stuffed animals, I would always bring him one home. He would dig through the bags and find his present. He loved to go for walks, and rides in the car, camping and swimming (he was a 90 lb. black lab) He would cry when I left the house I would have to come back in and comfort him.

I rarely left him alone (we have another dog that was always with him)I was with him all of the time. He would always be in the window looking out when I would pull into the driveway and he would jump up (very gently) and almost hug me around the waist when I came home.

My husband always said Rockie was in love with me, and that is how I felt about him. I always felt God gave him to me as a great gift for the work I did in animal rescue. I have known lots of animals over the years and so many have tugged at my heart, but Rockie was my heart.

I loved him as my own child. I know God will bring us back together. Rockie I thank God for the time we had together. I cry for you everyday and pray God keeps you safe and reunites us one day. You were special and don’t ever forget that.


My Rockie
Sherry Knight