Myrna’s Miss Scarlett by Myrna McCrary / Myrna and The McCrary Family

It was many years ago,as my family & I walked the flea market, little did we know that a tiny red dachshund pup would soon steal our hearts.
But there you were and I could not resist taking you home. You soon became one of us. Your sweet personality was too much to behold. Before we knew it there were more. But there will only be one Scarlett. You gave so much and ask for so little. You ran and played and grew up with the boys. I don’t remember when you started aging, but way too soon your sight was gone and your walk was slowed,but you continued on. You knew my voice till the end. Finally, your heart could hold on no longer. You left me in the same manner as you came to me,laying in my arms.

Well, my friend, I wouldn’t have it any other way! You may be gone, but never will you be forgotten! So till we meet again, wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. For then,we will laugh and play again.


With Loving Memories,
Myrna's Miss Scarlett
18, Dec 2006
Myrna McCrary