Nala Fancypants by Siobhan / mommy

It all started when I saw her at the pound I had to wait three days until I could adopt her. When I brought her home I fell in love with her immediately I had her for two years the best two years of my life until one day she ran away. I cried ever night until she came home three days later with a gash on her tummy and her paw 3x the size as the other ones so we rushed her to the emergency vet and they said her paw had gone dead and the tummy would just heal.

I had to get up every three hours of the night to massage it to try to get it back to life; we were there at the vet every day. We had to go on vacation so we keep her at the vet while we were gone so they gave her her medicine. Sadly they called to tell my dad that she had passed away from fluid in her lungs. She loved fruit so we buried under our orange tree and I still cry to this day.


With love,
Nala Fancypants
23, Nov 2003