Nala was the most gentle and loving cat anyone could ever know, always so loving and playful.  She was Deborah’s baby girl, and a part of her heart went with her when she left.  She always made her laugh and smile, and when sad times came, she kissed away her tears.  She was such a special cat, a treasure that can never be replaced.

Nala, you were such a special girl, I will never forget you.  I was amazed how you would stay around your mom, no matter where she went, you were always nearby.  Every time I came to visit I looked for you to say hello.  I will miss your cute little face, and how you always came over to greet me.  You will always be in my heart Nala. 


When tomorrow starts without me

and I’m not there to see,

the sun will rise and find your eyes

all filled with tears for me.

I know how much you love me

as much as I love you,

and each time that you think of me

I know you’ll miss me too.

But when tomorrow starts without me

don’t think we’re far apart,

for every time you think of me

I’m right there in your heart.


This webpage is dedicated to Deborah in loving memory of her baby girl Nala who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on

DECEMBER 17, 2021

"Rest in peace baby girl"