March 2000

Guinea Pig

When I was 5 I came home from preschool

(it was my birthday)and my mom had a big present on the table.

I asked my mom what it was,she told me to open it.

So I did. It was big cage. I asked what is for?

She told me to go in my room and I did.

In my room there was a small box I opened the box.

It was a Guinea Pig! I named her NewNew.

She was only a few weeks old. I loved her with all my heart.

When she got older I was allowed to take her outside.

I would take her in my backyard she would eat the grass.

She was very sensitive and very shy. She was black brown and white.

She was the sweetest thing I had ever seen.

She passed away when I was 9 she died in the morning and

I had school that day so that day was really hard for me.