NICKY by Laura / Mommy

My sweet little boy Nicky…

I cannot believe that only an hour ago you were alive. I know that it was time to put you to sleep because of you illness…it was just so hard. I hope that you know that I did it out of love for you. You were just spending your days sleeping, coughing, and eating. All of that weight that you put on from the meds made it so hard for you to walk…and made you want to eat all of the time. Before all of this you were a very active happy boy…I couldn’t let you live this way anymore.

I remember you bouncing around on the bed (when you were healthy throughout your life), watching me leave through the window when I would drive off. I remember how you would run around the house like a madman…it was so funny to watch. I thank God that I rescued you from the street and had you for all of these years. I will miss you and love you always. Please give Precious love for me and tell her I miss her too. xoxoxoxox


Love you forever...
24, Oct 2007