Nigel by Blatchford


" Nigel "

1980 ---- 1998



V a l e



We were together for a long long time

you were there through my pain and my fears

and many times I saw your tears.


As my sight dimmed and my hearing diminished,

you were always there to protect and to guide

and I was always there by your side.


When my time was up I saw your tears I clung to life

I didn't want to leave your side

and you did not want to let me go,

I knew how much you loved me so.


Don't ever think you betrayed me,

I was confused at what was taking place

you showed me the greatest love,

by letting me come to this better place.


The tears will lessen the pain will ease,

please don't be sad,

think of all the good times that we had.


I know your heart is heavy

and you find it hard to smile

remember you can always talk to me

I am still by your side.


I hear you say that the house is empty

and it is as quiet as a tomb,

just remember that I am no longer suffering

and someday we will all bloom.


One day we will be together

till then the Angels take care of my best friend,

I know you have asked God to look after me

and He will till we meet again.


For now I will play with my Cookie

and eat chocies until then

I will throw my self into your arms

and I will never leave you again.


Written by Dolores Blatchford,

In Loving Memory of Nigel a Pug Dog

her faithful dog and loyal friend 1980 - 1998.

Farewell my precious darling

I will always love you.