Nikki by Rick and Betty Jones / Love Linda

since I was a puppy you’ve always been there
With a smile, with a hug, with a pat
That let me know you care.

We’ve laughed and we played
we had so much fun
I’m thankful that for me god made you the one

I’ve greeted you daily, whenever you came to the door
But one day we knew i could greet you no more
But don’t think i have nothing to live for
Cause i have Bananas In Heaven

This day an old friend
I go to greet and lay down all warm and snug at her feet.
I’ll remember old days, goodtimes,and good friends
and know that one day our life someday ends.
A familiar face a gentle hand
someone I have called friend
Is waiting to give me Bananas in Heaven

One day in Heaven I’ll greet you again
Jump for joy at the sight of my long life friend
All of us together a family again
Will sit and talk over Bananas in Heaven


This Poem is for Nikki and Grandma,
19, Mar 2002
Rick and Betty Jones