Nikki by Sandy Oliverius / Mommy, Daddy and Cheryl

She brought you in
told them your name.
She left with her head
Hung in shame.
Weak from malnutrition
Barely able to stand
Your spirit was broke
From a wicked hand.
First time I saw you
You didn’t look right.
Your body so thin
What a sad sight.
I passed you by
And said “He looks sick”
Oh “poor dog” you will
Never be picked.
A month passed by
You started to heal
But time was running out
And death was all to real.
Next time I saw you
I wasn’t aware
You were that “poor dog”
So sick and full of despair.
You cocked your head
And lifted your paw
The look of love
Is what I saw.
I took you home
Not fully aware
Of all the horror
You had to bear.
Your spirit came back.
Your eyes shone bright.
You loved to run
From morning to night.
With love and patience
And many years
You soon grew up
And forgot all your fears.
Over the years
You were loyal and true.
I’m sure you knew
How much we loved you.
You started to slow down
Your eyes grew hazy.
Your legs grew week
And your mind a little crazy.
You did grow old
And time took its toll.
That is when I realized
I had to release your soul.
It was the hardest thing
That I’ve ever done
To give you this gift
Of letting your spirit run.
When you laid your head down
On my arm one last time
I cried out “My Baby”
And let out a small whine.
The moment you breathed
Your last breath
I knew I did the right thing.
By putting you to rest
I know you now have
Your eyes to see me;
Your legs to run;
And your dignity.
I will miss you, my friend.
I will cry many tears.
Thank you, Nikki, for
giving us many happy years.


We miss you.Love,
29, June 1999
Sandy Oliverius