She awoke me at 5:30 today with her tiny little Chihuahua bark. So loud in the wee hours. In the dark. An hour earlier than usual. Sitting there on her haunches next to the bed peeking up. So faithful, those big brown eyes. Something to tell me? You’re early today darlin girl. What is it? Today you slipped away from me still cradled in my arms. I loved you so. I love you still. My darling little girl. Did you know this was the day? I see your bowl still there. Your blanket and your little doggie bed. I caress the blanket and try to pretend you’re still there. But you’re not and you’re gone from me and this world. I’m so very grateful for the short time we’ve had together. It is true little one, what they say. Grief is the price we pay for love. 

February 28, 2024
James M Ojerholm