Nugget by Joanne Opie / MUM, DAD, AND BULL XXXXXXXXX

Nugget,I felt you kick when you were still inside your beautiful mum Blacky’s tummy. Since that time you have been with us as one of our family.

We have been so privileged to have had your Mother Blacky, your Father Bull and you Nugget to share our lives with. We love you all as our children. You are our family.

Nugget was diagnosed with lung cancer in October last year. Fortunately we were able to spend another 8 months with Nugget of quality time until she began to suffer. We gave her the only last gift we could, and had her put to sleep painlessly. You have crossed over to join your Mum Blacky.

You are survived by your aging Father Bull,and us your human Mum and Dad. The loss we feel for you is unbearable but we are comforted by believing we will all be reunited again one fine day. Until then our love and memories of you make you live on forever in our hearts.


27, May 2003
Joanne Opie