Nugget by Katie / From: Katie , Too: my beloved NUGGET!!!!

My hamster Nugget, was one of my best hamsters ever! I remember picking him out at the pet store! He was the only, hamster that was interested in me! He would always fall asleep on my body! I was very little when I got him, 7 really! I am nine now! We buried Nugget in our front yard! I buried him with a love note and a little picture I made for him!We had to put him to sleep! He had a really BIG tumor on his tummy, and one in his cheeks! So when ever he would put seeds in his mouth they would always fall out!I was sad and still am I’ll always remember him! ALWAYS! I love you Nugget, if you’re out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's my gardein angle watching over me!!!!
He will never let me down!!!!