O by Astera / Astera

A love that will not let go……it all began when I was 9. A new doggie came into my life; it was only 2 months old when in came. It was a playful puppy. O was a little dog; he loved to follow me around, and wag his tail when I played with him and when I reached home from school. He liked to follow me to school, but I always stopped him

My love for him was strong. When he bit me in a moment of anger,
I only hit him. Later I am the same back again.
I shared whatever nice food I had with him. When my sister bullies me,
he would stand by my side ready to fight.

I went to Australia to visit my sister. O was sent to a pet hotel. Then, when I came back, my sis said that he will be sent away. My sec sis is the official owner. And the one who bullied me everytime I was younger. I broke into tears immediately. I tried to be with him all the time.
I loved him as much as I could.

The day came, I was sad, and beared with it. But inside my heart, it was a totally broken in pieces. O left. Now, it’s been almost a year since he left. I’m crying as I typed this; everyday and night,I still pray. When I looked up into the skies, I wished, how would it be if I could see O, and live with him in an island. No one can take him away.

I got news from my 2nd sister that old had a niece. The niece was about my age(11). O thought he was me, and loved her very much. When I heard this, I was heartbroken, then I knew that O wouldn’t be so because an image of me. The niece is with him. I prayed for Angels to be with him.

I had a pet hammy. It was dead, too. I prayed for it to go to Heaven. And now I prayed to God to let my hammy watch over O.

I need support for the first few months as I can’t take it. Now I can, but I’m still holding back my tears. The hammy came to my life to relieve me of my pain. I didn’t much cherish both of them, but I learned something, I’ve treasure everything I have now, and in the future.

When I looked at the skies, I also thought there is where would he be. I lived in a family that is a messy one. My sec sis showed not much love for me. O was the one who loved me more……

Why do I set the title as “A Love That Is Like a River”?
Because if it’s like flower,
it will wither in season.
A river will not,
it will continue to flow after decades.
It will not dry up.
That means my love for O is eternal and forever.


With hearts,