Oliver by Bryan Meck Jr / The Meck Family + Copper

My sister-in-law called one day to ask if I would be interested in getting a kitten. At first I said no, I had enough animals. When I saw the little orange kitten with his eyes barely opened, I knew I had to take him with me. His mother had abandoned him and we had to bottlefeed him around the clock. We tried to help him the way his mother would have but it looked like we were going to lose him. That is when my Pitbull mix (Copper) took over. He started to clean this kitty the way his mother would have and he started to get better.

My family and I would feed him and Copper would clean him. We named this amazing kitten, with a will to live, Oliver. We had never seen anything like the bond that formed between this beautiful animal and my family. Even the other animals got along with him. Copper treated him as if he were truly his own. We were only able to keep our beloved Ollie with us
for a few years.

We had to have him put to sleep only 2 days ago. He was outside in our front yard when he saw 2 brown pitbulls. Practically, being raised by one, he had no fear and walked right up to them. They were not what he thought and they attacked him so severely, that he had
no chance to be saved.

He was still alive when he was rushed to the emergency animal hospital. The vet was amazed that he hung on for almost an hour after the attack. He said he had a strong will to live but there was no amount of money that could save him. We have all had such a difficult time with this, that it is almost impossible to do anything. Everywhere we look there are memories of our baby. We loved him so much and
there will never be another Ollie.

My son is devastated and is having a harder time than the rest of us. He doesn’t open himself up to alot but Oliver was an exception. He would sneak Ollie into his room at night to cuddle with him. He was always looking for him to hug him or to watch TV with him. I think he formed a thicker bond with him than anyone.

He misses him so much and there is nothing we can do to help with the emptiness and grief he is going through. Oliver had such a huge impact on our lives and he will be loved forever.


We love you, Olivator,
Bryan Meck Jr