Ollivander by Matt & Joie / Mommy and Daddy

To Our Little Baby Ollie:

You were the most precious gift we have ever received. You needed a home so much and we needed you. You loved us from the very first-you gave us your whole heart and asked for nothing but the same from us in return.

I will always remember our walks and our trips to the park; yes, even when you would try to eat the geese poop! You were just naughty enough to be perfect to us. Our time together was sweet and fun, but oh so short.

I will never understand why you could not be with us anymore, why you had to go, why we couldn’t love you for just a little bit longer. My darling, we did everything we could for you, but your little body just shut down. One day you were licking our faces and the next you did not know us. We tried so hard to keep you, but it was not to be.

Someday we will find you on the Rainbow Bridge. You will jump on our legs and kiss us and scold us for being gone so long. But until that day we miss you so much, Ollie, and love you still. Just as you gave all your love to us,
we gave ours to you. No one will ever take your spot in our hearts and our minds.


All Our Love Forever and Longer,
14, Nov 2005
Matt & Joie