One-Eyed-Jack by Jack / Daddy

On 2/9/03 in a Dunkin Doughnuts parking lot I was handed small blue cat carrier containing a very sickly gray one eyed cat suffering from URI, sinus infection, a crusted over good eye, mottled fur, and mucus running out of his nose. The shelter gave me his a bag of meds along with a hug and a thank you saying he probably won’t last the night,
we drove off.

During the next nearly seven years he became a handsome sleek coated, (yet always fighting the sinus issue evevtually losing that eternal war), cat that wormed his way into my heart.
I wasn’t supposed to love again after the loss of my precious Littleman, but this tiny gray cuddly prancing angel spent every day of his short life doing all he could to fill the paws of a cat twice his size, sleeping with me every night, reading the paper everyday, soaking up a million tears, loving me without question, he did and I shall never forget and will miss my little gray guy forever.


I really did love you,