Oreo Baset Ware by Hannah Ware / ~Mommy, Tabby, Tiger, Smudge, Paris~

~*~I remember the day I got Oreo. It was a bright summer day in august. My cuzin Tiana was over and we were walking up to the Smiths to give them there gray kitten back that we found in our yard. It wasn’t a very long walk about a block but thats not much. When we finally got there we have them there kitten back and we were about to go back home when Sandy Smith asked me if I wantted a kitten. I wasn’t sure what to say. I knew my parents wouldn’t want me getting another cat sence I already have 4 cats. She beckoned me to go to her garadge and there by a table was the most beutifull black and white green eyed kitten I have every saw.They said that she needed a home really mad other wise they would ….
So knowing me I took her home.~*~
On the way home me and Tiana tried to figure out names for my new kitten we came up with socks,tiny,short stuff and so on and so forth. We just couldn’t find a good name that fit her. So then about half way home i started thinking waht in the world are my parents going to think? I know they will be mad but they know how strong i am against killing animals so maybe they would agree???~*~
When I got home and told my parents about what happened they were really mad! (I figured they would be)I told them how they would kill the poor thing and they said well we will have to find a good home for her then. So after that I told my self no matter what I’m kepping you. So during that day i finally came up with her name Oreo. My mom wantted to name her B.W for black and white but I didn’t like that. So I keep it as Oreo~*~
For two months I looked for a home for Oreo..Well not really…but anyways in that two months oreo and I had a great time we played together we climb trees together I had her sleep in my bed with me. We had sunch a great time we became the best of buds! One day I asked my dad if I could keep her and he said YES!!! I couldn’t believe it! So for another 2 months Oreo and I did lots of things together I would take her baths (which she loved) play games, takes walks i litter trianed her and I also got her trained to be like her brothers and sisters in cat show training. We had a blast! I even signed her up for the 4h cat show!~*~
Is was getting really excited for x-mas because I was going to get Oreo a collor like her brothers and sisters and also new toys and treats and a blaket. But…. They day I was going to go shopping for Oreo was they day my mom accidentaly ran over her.~*~
Oreo is greatfully missed by neighbors her brothers and sisters and my family.~*~
*The last days were great Oreo*-Andrew&Ashlyn
*We miss you very much Oreo* Mom&Dad
*WE will never forget you* Heather
*I love oyu so much baby doll!!*Mommy~!~


Love Alwayz,
Oreo Baset Ware
Hannah Ware