Oreo Cookie Christensen by Tiffy Christensen / Mommy

Oreo was born a beautiful lab/ pit mix. I met him when I was playing princesses. Oreo was the first born and the biggest of the litter. He was Brigets, his mom’s, favorite. Oreo was my closest and dearest friend. We went just about every where together.
As a puppy he was a hand full, with his separation anxiety. He ate 8 hoses, a mirror, and anything else he could reach. Oreo would always fall asleep on my lap with his bottle and his lala bye. He eventually got fat and just slept all day. Oreo drooled everywhere and snored extremely loud. I miss that so much.
Yet, in January of 2003 he was diagnosed with diabetes, and with in a week went blind from cataracts. Once he went blind he fell asleep standing up or even when he was looking out the window. The diabetes never slowed him down though, even with 2 shots a day.Oreo still stayed happy. He loved to go for walks, play with his toys, go for car rides, and sleep.
When Oreo got back from a trip with us, he started to sleep in the tub. A place he hates. He developed arthritis from the stairs in our new house. My parents decided it was time to put him down.
On the saturday he was so happy and he just loved going to the vets. I miss you so much baby boy. I hope to see you at the gates of heaven.
Make sure to be a good boy.


Love You Always,
Oreo Cookie Christensen
Tiffy Christensen