Oscar by Mecedes & Robert / Mommy and Daddy

To our beloved Oscar, you were our baby boy that we will never forget. I cry for you every night, wishing you were here. I think God needed you more then we did and that is why he took you from us at such a young age…..I do hope God has something great planned for you! I just want you to know, letting you go was the hardest thing we ever had to do…..but you were strong and you fought the cancer as long as you could have and I thank you for that…You’re no longer in pain, but I have to say….I do wish I could hug you, touch you, kiss you just one more time. These are the things I will miss unconditionally….
You were the best friend anyone could have asked for….you will be very much remembered and missed for Forever!


You're Forever in Our Hearts,
8, Oct 2005
Mecedes & Robert