Oscar Meyer Hile by Bill and Lynda Hile / Mommy and Daddy

You may be physically out of sight but never out of our hearts. We will always love you, your memory lives on forever. Sassy cries because her lose of a big brother and long time friend. Yes, Sassy is your sister dog it is hard on all of us no matter what two legged or 4 it does not matter your in our hearts forever.

No one knows how you have touched all of our hearts in special ways that will always live with us till we meet again on Rainbow Bridge. You were mommy’s companion, you listen to me when no one else did. You cried with me when I cried and you were always there for me. It seems so empty now when I come in the door your welcoming me along with the others. I miss your barking at me to let me know your hungry in the mornings when I get up or your letting me it is time to say good night.

You have been such a joy in my empty life. Sassy and Joey will be here to help us though our lost of our old friend.I was beside of you when you were dying I will never forget your beginning in my life nor you end as you were going out. I rubbed your head and kissed you to tell you how much I loved you and how much you meant to me. I will always miss you but you will always be in my heart. I layed you down for that peaceful rest for the walk of your journey.

I was always there for you 24/7; my arms ache to hold you once again my long time companion, my friend. Even though you had been paralyzed for a while you never seem to notice but you could out run me!
I will always love you till we meet again—-


Love you from our heart,
Oscar Meyer Hile
13, Jan 2006
Bill and Lynda Hile