Our Endeavor by Leigh Anne O’Kelley / Leigh Anne O’Kelley

On the wind I hear your hooves,
As you gallop across the sky.
Your mane and tail long and flowing,
The twinkling of your dark, soft eyes.

Come back to me I wish.
Just one last and final ride.
You turn and come prancing,
Clouds roll off of your every stride.

I reach for you and touch,
The softness of your hair.
Our bond unites us as one,
I have not another care.

Race me from here Dev,
Jump the moon and stars.
Race the rolling thunder
Carry me afar!

Thank you for this,
A final dream goodbye.
You are in my heart forever
From the moment you close your eyes.


Thank you Dev for the happiest times in my life.
Our Endeavor
30, Oct 2002
Leigh Anne O'Kelley