P.J. by The HaraksinConroy Family / Mommy, Daddy & Eric

Oh my little baby
I can’t believe you’re gone
For 17yrs you were here
It was time for you to move on.

I wish it was God’s Loving Hands
That took you home to keep
Instead it was a doctor and me
That put my boy to sleep.

I know that you feel better now.
The pain has gone away.
It’s like it was years ago
You run, you swim, you play.

I know that you were suffering.
I knew you had to go.
The pain and loss I feel for you.
I know will never go.

But someday we will meet again
When my time is thru
And when I get to heaven
I know that I’ll see you.


For my Little Boy, We Love You,
1, June 2007
The HaraksinConroy Family