PAIGE by Carol Riser / Carol & Dave

Paige, sweetest of Shelties,
Brilliant and beautiful.
Though dog shows,
Were not your thing,
You blessed us,
With your company.

Traveling with you,
Around the country,
Was a joy.
Toby, the entertainer,
You, the guardian.

Lovely little Princess,
The shock of your leaving,
Cannot be imagined.
Waking and seeing,
Your perfect little body,
Lying there peacefully,
In the arms of Angels.

Your gift of Love,
On Valentine’s Day,
Spared us the pain,
Of having to release,
Your spirit.

The Heavens opened,
To welcome you back,
With your many friends.

Goodbye, my dear friend,
We will remember you always.


With heartfelt love,
14, Feb 2005
Carol Riser