Panda by Mike/Leslie / Your mommy, Leslie

It all started back in 99 when me and my bf went to this flea market. We weren’t going there to look at pets but I knew they had a pet place. I wandered inside and there she was this most beautiful black and white cat I have ever seen that looked like a Panda bear in this cage. I told my bf about these two cats in cages. We took one look and we fell in love with her. We ended up bringing her home. She had this type of personality that would warm anyones heart.

When ya down she would be right there just purring away and boy did she love to give kisses. She had the type of personality that when she was wanted to eat she would sit on the end of the couch til you got up to feed her and sit there like a statue. She was so funny! She seemed to be little miss prissy always cleaning herself and when she wanted you to pet her she would nudge your hand. She was one sweet cat. She always knew how to cheer someone up and she was loved
by lots and so friendly!

Fast forward to to the last night we had her. She has gotten sick before and I really thought this time would be no different but sadly it was. I sort got her off the bed and she got sick and I thought she would jump back up on the bed but she didn’t. She ended up laying in it. I knew something was terribly wrong so I called my bf at work and told him he in turn called an after hours vet clinic. He rushed to return stuff back at his work and then rushed home.

In the meantime i was trying to get her walk but she was so weak. She did manage to get in the cat carrier on her own. She was so helpless there just panting with her tongue out it was so sad. She was even growling. I guess she was mad or scared. When my bf said something to her she did acknowledge him by lifting up her head. I just wish we could have saved her! Well we got to vet hospital and the vet said her intestines were all knotted up and she had a mass.

The vet said he could try to stabilize her but she was too far gone. The only other alternative was putting her sleep. It was a tough decision but we made it we had her put to sleep. It was so painful she brightened up our life and she will be terrible missed. We did think of her as our little girl. Well I would like to make this a memorial in Pandas remembrance. We love and miss you Panda!


To Panda the light of our life,