Pandora was a very quiet cat.

She was my grandma’s cat. She was always very scared of all people

except my grandparents. Whenever I would go to visit there I would say

hi to the cats and she would never really come by me.

My grandma picked her up in a pound so she was probably abused

but I knew for a fact that she wouldn’t be abused with my grandparents

because they love animals. After awhile of going over there

she started coming out by me because she was used to me by then.

She trusted me completely then and I was happy that she did.

I love her soo much. Then one day I got a call saying that she had

died in her sleep. I was heartbroken. We got so close and then she died.

She was very old when she died though so I cant say that I didn’t get to

have a good life with her. I cried for weeks.

I still do but I know that she is in heaven right now.

I will see her someday.

I will always remember her in

my heart.