Patch by Christine Domjan / mum and dad

Patch was a lost dog and the person who found her couldn’t keep her at his place so Peter and myself volunteered to look after her until an owner was found. We thought she was 6 months old by her behavior but after 2 weeks we had to take her to the vets as
we were concerned about her.

We were feeding her adult dog food and she was only 12 weeks old. We took her to the vet and he said how long have you had her. We said 2 weeks and the kind vet said well she belongs to you now.

Peter on the first day said well she had a patch on her shoulder its near your birthday what do you want to call her. I chose Patch. She had a black patch on her shoulder with all natural heeler markings over the rest of her body.

Peter built a dog house immediately to keep Patch warm from the first day we were looking after her and put a blanket in and we played games and she was loving from the moment we looked after her

I looked after Jennifer for about a year when she was 3 years old.
Every day we would go for a drive with Patch to the Local lake. Patch and Jennifer were both excited. I Tied the leash around Jennifer’s waist always.Patch was in charge. Patch walked slowly when Jennifer did and ran or when Jennifer got excited. When Jennifer fell over Patch got to her, licked her and stayed still until I came over looked over Jennifer who landed on soil or grass. Then the two of them would be off walking again. Patch loved being in charge of Jennifer.

Due to such a beautiful bond, when Jennifer got tired Patch laid down and Jennifer used Patch as a cushion always and both fell asleep together. It was a lovely sight to see. Both content and happy. Then they both played in the back garden. Jennifer sharing her food always with Patch. I think Patch got squashed a bit with the cuddles given but never ever complained.

In loving memory of Patch who died of Cancer around her heart that squashed her heart and lungs. We put her to sleep while she couldn’t do anything but breath heavily. She fell asleep very nicely and Loved her collar so we left it on for her. It was a Red Collar with silver studs.


With fondest love,
Christine Domjan