Patches by Dana Marie / eternally….D

I was an 8 year old child the day my best friend came over with a kitten, begging me to ‘save’ her. I was told the horrid story that the kittens who couldn’t find a home would be taken to the pound to be killed! Oh! The tears and sobbing we did! To think they could do that! I begged my Daddy… “please please let me save her! I will take care of her!” He grinned and said….”ah Geesh! Mah..what do you say?….Oh? Ok! but YOU have to take care of her” Oh the joy! Again my friend and I sobbed. That precious kitten slept on the pillow next to my ear, and would suckle at my ear lobe….I loved that!

Patches went to bed on the pillow next to mine for 10 years. She purred me to sleep and if she fell asleep before I did….I would just pet her a bit and she’d go on purring….til I was asleep. It was many years later I discovered she used to get up every night and she had a routine with my Daddy. You see she was always there when I I had assumed she stayed all night. Silly me. She would go to my Dad and share his nightly potato chip snacks!

If he placed the chip on the bed next to him…she ignored it, but if he placed it on his chest…then she would eat it. It was a game, and I discovered my Daddy loved that cat as much as I did!

We have photos of her drinking from the toilet, and napping on my parents bed….actually on the pants my Mom had set out for Dad to wear! In a king sized bed she had to sleep on his pants! She used to allow me to dress her in my doll clothes and push her around in my doll buggy. When I was 21 and married, she sat in my lap as I rocked and
sang to my daughter.

Her death was sudden, and unexpected. I knew it would be. Just didn’t know when, and even tho she was 15 when she died it was too soon. I lost the best friend of teen years the one I could hold on to and cry the sobs of a broken teenaged heart. She was also a part
of many joyous times….

Patches, although you died in 1983, you are still thought of every day and the memories of you make me glad to know you are waiting and I thank you for the times I am alone and I feel you jump up onto the bed…altho I cannot see you now I do know when you come to visit. Love is eternal…see you soon Patches. D


Always and forever.......
Dana Marie