Pava by Dad,Niki & Family. / Dad, Niki, & Family

A long time ago before man was made,
God blessed cats to us he gave.
He made them kings, and worshiped fine,
Upon grand golden tables dine.

Time went by and cats began,
To understand the laws of man.
Playful pets, Familars too,
Throughout time these felines knew,
Man was friend, and protector yes,
The lord and master he did bless.

His feline prowess his elegant sleek,
of silken paws upon his feet.
A friend you have and will always be,
written in the pages for eternity.

As you dear friend, on silken tread,
sweetly rest your eyes for bed,
remember when time first began,
You are the ruler The Lord of Man.


Until The Rainbow Bridge,
7, June 2004
Dad,Niki & Family.