Peady by Delane Brayford

My Peady was with me since he was six weeks old. I remember when I was thinking of getting a pet, a friend tried to talk me out of it. But I insisted that I needed something or someone to love. I do not have children. Peady became my child. He was a loyal, protecting, and loving companion. I would love when nite time came, because my Peady would always give me “the look”, it’s time for bed and we would race each other to bed. Oh how I miss his warm fur next to me and
feel the kicking of his feet.

I miss him licking me on the nose in the morning time when he wanted to go potty. I miss seeing him play with his toys and seeing how he enjoys going to Pet Smart. He knew when I felt bad and he would stay by my side. I miss you my big boy Peady. My life without you is very sad. I don’t know if I will ever have the heart to get another one of you. I am sorry that you got sick with cancer and there was nothing no one could do. Your illness was too far gone. I felt so helpless and the fear of knowing what was to come, made me sick. I still yearn for you.

I will see you again one day and we will never part again. Thank you my Peady for being my companion and true friend for 10.5 years. Having to put you to sleep made me know what real heart pain is. Mommy miss you and I will always love you. “Run with the wind my Big Boy”.


Delane Brayford