Peanut by Scott, Kristie & Zack / Mommy & Zack

My Peanut,

August 14th, 1999, a long drive out to the country to pick out my angel. A sea of black spots as we walked through the backyard looking for the perfect one. Little did we know at the time, were were also perfect for you. I have to believe that you knew you were sick at the time we picked you out. You knew all along that we would do whatever it was to prolong your life and to love you as much as possible.

You knew we would give you attention, walks in the park, a big backyard, and friends to play with. How I would sneak your pink collar on when dad was gone and you seemed to be sooo excited. You knew when you got really sick that we would cook for you when you wouldn’t eat, give you your medicine and baby you when you didn’t feel good. You knew that we would let you sleep at top of the bed as if it was YOUR BED and take over the house
as if you were the Queen.

On every vet visit the doctor couldn’t believe you were still here with us. When they told us you were sick and we would be lucky to have you for a few more years………… it’s been at least five years and you truly have been a miracle. I took for granted that you were sick. Every time that I walked through the door you would spin in circles and cry as if you were so happy to see me and I assumed that you were okay. I Thank you for that, the last time I saw you,
you still looked like an angel.

I will never again wonder why you would whine all of the time……….I am sorry if you had
to suffer any of your life.

Thank you for your beautiful face and cuddling with me for our morning naps. I will miss you so much and keep a place for you in my heart next to mattie. I know now you are at peace now and no longer have to take pills or feel sick. Thank you peanut for picking us that day….I will miss everything about you………… My little girl…………..


Love you Forever
13, Apr 2006
Scott, Kristie & Zack