" Peanuts "

1985 ------- 1998

My Pooches Angel Wings

By Linda Terhune


In mania

Suffering depressions

Living in a distance no one could conceive

…a pooch of no kingly breed

entered in.

Giving protection from instinct alone

Licking tears of sorrow

Listening endlessly

…When no other would

When no other understood,

She could

Perhaps in my inner world of kayos

And her simplistic looking role,

Her constant devotion

…Was unnoticed by others

her Wings when she lay to rest

were not notable…

…but Holding her head as it rested down

for one final instant

for one final glimpse

…I realized she felt my loving farewell

As I whispered in her ear,

"Your pooch wings will be Golden"


For Peanuts always there...