Pebbles by Lestena

In memory of our
littly girl “Pebbles”

I thought you would live forever
It was foolish of me I know.
I just wasn’t ready yet.
To have to let you go.

I wanted God to give to you
One last chance to play.
I needed one more happy purr
And one more sunny day.

Just one more trip in the grass
And one more playful game.
Just one more time
to hold you near
And softly kiss your face.

When you were young and scared
I knew just what to do.
I would hold you in my arms
And lay down next to you

I learned all I could and
gave to you
The best of kitty care.
I bought you toys and
played with you
I just always figured
you’d be there.

But now you’re gone
my little girl.
The rainbow bridge to meet.
Oh how I miss your beautiful face
And the playfulness
of your feet.

I will see you again
my sweet angel.
Fly away with the
beauty of your way….

You will always be
in my heart to stay.

Mom & Daddy


4, June 2002